I Hope Shape of Water wins Best Picture .

I have now seen Shape of Water twice and found it was the top of My list for 2017. Del Toro has made a beautiful movie, it has a romance story, the make up is truly incredible, yet it didn’t even get a nod from the Academy.  A terrible oversight.

The story arc is impressive and I won’t ruin it for those who have yet to see it.  Please don’t dismiss this magnificent movie as just as ” Creature feature”.  The creature as portrayed shows much more heart and humanity than the humans.

Jenkins should win for best supporting actor in the real world. We’ll see on March 4th if that comes true.

Same for Octavia Spencer a real friend to Sally Hawkins.  As for Hawkins her character development was subtle and so encompassing , it gives you hope in this dark, dark world. See it on the Big screen – so you can read the quotes on the calendar and all the details that are missed on a smaller screen.

Times up – we need truth in the Oscars.  Drop the politics and let the films win on merit alone.

So say I, a committed movie Lover.


Anita Covert