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All Hail ScorpioTV!!!

Tuesday 11 January, 2011

ScorpioTV, a Canadian purveyor of rare film DVDs, came through with the Errol Flynn motherload.Here's what I got in the mail yesterday:

1. The Adventures of Captain Fabian
2. Cuban Rebel Girls (perhaps thew worst movie ever made)
3. Northern Pursuit
4. Uncertain Glory
5. The Dark Avenger
6. Never Say Goodbye
7. Escape Me Never
8. Edge of Darkness (one of my favorites)
9. Too Much, Too Soon
10. Istanbul
11. The Perfect Specimen
12. Cry Wolf
13. The Big Boodle
14. That Forsythe Woman
15. Mara Maru (rare, and very hard to find)

With these 15 Errol movies to watch, and Objective Burma on hand, I will hit 50 movies knocked down in Flynnfest 2010. That will give me a good chunk of the year to knock out the rest, some of which are pretty easy to find, while others are probably impossible. The remaining Errol movies include:

1. I Adore You (thought to be a lost movie, with no prints in existence)
2. Murder at Monte Carlo (another lost movie)
3. Don't Bet on Blondes (kinda hard to find, but out there somewhere)
4. Green Light (ditto)
5. The Dawn Patrol (an easy one, seen it many times)
6. Dive Bomber (easy)
7. Kim (easy)
8. Hello God (probably lost, though it's rumored a single 35mm print exists in Europe somethere)
9. The Story of William Tell (never finished, with about 30 minutes filmed)
10. The Sun Also Rises (should be rather easy, but it's been hard to find)
11. Cruise of the Zaca (possible)
12. Deep Sea Fishing (possible)
13. Always Together (cameo role, but don't know if it's available)

Half of these are either easy to find or at least possible. The other half? Who knows?
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