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Gentleman Jim (1942)

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As usual when making a biopic, Hollywood played fast and loose with the facts in Gentleman Jim -- but for once it hardly matters. Jim doesn't get the facts right, but it captures the spirit of the times and presents a title character who is totally captivating. Naturally, the actor playing that part -- the famous Errol Flynn -- deserves a great deal of credit for the success of the film. Rarely have actor and role been so well suited; Flynn fits the part like a glove, boxing or otherwise, and he dominates the film as Corbett dominated the boxing ring. Brash, cocky, and feisty, Flynn is not afraid to let his Corbett border on the boorish; yet he also has an innate classiness and nobility that are essential to the character. Equally important, Flynn has the necessary physical characteristics and the sheer charisma that the role demands. Graceful and agile, yet clearly capable of delivering a devastating left hook, Flynn's work in the fight scenes is glorious. The success of those scenes, and of the film as a whole, must also be shared with director Raoul Walsh, whose work is exemplary. He brings energy and verve to the proceedings, but also takes the time to show the man behind the fighter and the world to which he has allegiance. The screenplay is extremely well structured and packed with verbal sparring that rivals the physical matches. And the supporting cast, from Alexis Smith's marvelously disdainful love interest to Ward Bond's blustery yet sensitive Sullivan, are a delight. Gentleman Jim is a sports film that even non-sports fans should enjoy.

1942, B&W, 104 minutes


Warner Night at the Movies 1942 short subjects gallery:; Vintage newsreel; Sports shorts Shoot Yourself Some Golf (with Ronald Reagan and Jane Wyman) and The Right Timing; Classic cartoon Foney Fables; Trailers of Gentleman Jim and 1942's The Male Animal; Audio-only bonus: radio show adaptation with Errol Flynn, Alexis Smith and Ward Bond; Subtitles: English & Español (feature film only)

  • Year: 1942
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