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Passport to Treason (1956)

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Passport to Treason was put together by Robert S. Baker and Monty Berman, the same team who'd later collaborate on the TV series The Saint. Rod Cameron stars as an American private eye, stationed in London. For the sake of a murdered friend, the detective takes over the dead man's case, which turns out to have international ramifications. The villains are members of a phony pacifistic society, all of whom harbor plans for taking over the world. Aiding and abetting Cameron is Lois Maxwell, several years away from her duties as Miss Moneypenny in the "James Bond" series.

Rod Cameron, Lois Maxwell, Clifford Evans, Douglas Wilmer, Andrew Faulds

1956, B&W, 70 minutes

  • Year: 1956
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  • Genre: Drama

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