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The Shuttered Room/It! (1967)

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The Shuttered Room (1967)

†Carol, Gig Young, and Oliver Reed.

99 minutes, colour

In this H.P. Lovecraft inspired spine tingler, Lynley is convincingly scared throughout as the terrorized heroine who returns to her place of birth with her older citified hubby (Young) to claim an old millhouse complete with a hideous thing in the attic and a lascivious punk cousin (Reed) with an eye for blondes who wants to keep it in the family so to speak.Creepy music, excellent cinematography including POV shots from the mysterious house guest, and Carol never lovelier or vulnerable make for a suspenseful time.


96 minutes, colour

† Jill Haworth as an innocent young girl lusted after by disturbed museum curator Roddy McDowall who (a la Norman Bates) keeps his mummified mommy around the house.If thatís not bad enough, he brings to life a Hebrew statue called the Golem and uses it to do away with his enemies.

  • Year: 1967
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  • Genre: Horror

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