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We as North Americans/ Europeans/Australians etc sit in an enviable position.

Yes, Day to Day life is often difficult and stressful, but for the most part we have what we need.

Imagine a scene where you're child is sick and you can't buy her medicine- and she is getting sicker...

You know she's ill because the roof leaks and however many times you sweep and sweep the dirt floor the bugs come in. You just can't keep it clean. This is a reality for many families.

As a member of Global Village - division of Habitat for Humanity and a veteran of a Habitat build we have decided to use our vacation time and pay our airfare plus the build cost to go to a little town in the state of Nayarit - Mexico outside of Puerto Vallarta this April 2011.

If you can, please add $1.00 USD onto your DVD/Memorabilia purchase to help fund our endeavour. Click here to donate!

Together we can make a better world, one Village at a time.

I've attached some personal pictures from our last Habitat for Humanity , Global Village build in the Dominican Republic Nov 2004.

Working Nagua

Tying Rebar Nagua

Making Cement

Getting Supplies Nagua

Certificate Nagua

3/4 of a House(DR) Nagua

Foundation Nagua

B. and A. Instructions

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