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The first film I would like to introduce to you is Mr. Denning Drives North. This 1951 release starring John Mills kept us on the edge of our seats through out the viewing. Mr. Denning (John Mills) is bedeviled by a blackmailer (Herbert Lom) with whom his daughter Liz (Eileen Moore) has fallen in love. In a sudden fit of rage, Denning murders the scoundrel. Panicking, he drives Northward with the corpse in the back seat, dumps the body in a lonely rural area, and carefully eliminates all traces of his involvement in the crime. To deflect the authorities, Denning places a highly distinctive ring on the body's finger, so that the dead man will be misidentified. A perfect crime? From here on the suspense builds not too unlike a classic Hitchcock. You never know which way the story will go and this terrific film keeps you guessing until the brilliant finale.
The second film is Captain Fury. This exciting adventure is set in the rugged Australian outback back when the continent was used as a giant penal colony for criminals of the British Empire, and tells the story of a fugitive leader and his band who like Robin of old try to prevent a greedy governor from stealing rancher's land. Captain Fury is similar to Errol Flynn films Adventures of Robin Hood and Captain Blood. The English Born Brian Aherne plays the part much like Flynn would have. This is a real gem that Errol Flynn and swashbuckler fans will enjoy. The supporting cast Victor McLaglen, Paul Lukas, June Lang, and John Carradine are all superb. Especially Victor McLaglen’s character who has a running gag that is extremely amusing.this terrific film keeps you guessing until the brilliant finale.
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